Koketso Resane

He thinks he thinks too much.

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Reconciliation and #ZumaMustFall

Hi. Today is the 16th of December, a day earmarked as the Day of Reconciliation in the Republic of South Africa. Its a public holiday with great hist...

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The iPod Classic is was great. It was fit-for purpose and did exactly what you wanted it to. It’s 6th-generation was awesome and offered 160GB...

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Why you shouldn’t surround yourself with like-minded people

Let’s be honest – making friends is complexly simple. It’s a reactive ability created by our need to socialize, and a proactive cons...

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An Office for iPad

With the release of Office for iPad finally here, things are getting interesting in post-Ballmer Microsoft. The world’s most popular productivit...

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We are being locked in

I value freedom. Freedom to find what works best for me and stick to it. I even value the freedom to change my mind, go to the other side, only to run...

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Arc Touch Mouse

I’ve always wanted this mouse. I even wanted the Arc Mouse it replaces too. Gladly, I’ve had it for a month, and although I’m late, ...

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Post PC is a lie

I can think of three ways to tell a lie. Most common is to tell the untruth, outright. Another is to falsify the truth, knowingly. Then there’s ...

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App Store Apathy

App Stores. They’re great, they’re bloated, and they’re important. But I have one question: How did we get here?...

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Don’t downgrade to Windows 7

Let’s be critical. While trying to remain brief, I want to talk about why a downgrade to Windows 7 is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing....

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Design: I love the unibody

Also known as “single-shell” construction, the unibody owes its roots to air-plane construction, has been standard in auto mobile manufact...

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