About Me

My name is Koketso. I think for fun. I think I think too much. Simple?

Who I am?

My name is Koketso Resane. I was born premature to a missionary and environmental scientist (whom I call mom & dad), and I’m now in my mid 20’s. My age also implies that my shoe size is fixed, my love for coffee is defined, and I’m short – all of which is true.

I’m a proud South African, a proud lover of tech, and a proud survivor of the Internet. Amongst other things, my favourite dream is the one where I’m part myth, part legend, complete awesome.

What I do:

I’m currently a LIMS Consultant at LabWare Africa, and I’ve obtained a Bachelors Degree in IT Management at the University of Johannesburg. I also do other things too like coding apps, making websites, creating content, and taking a pic or two. In a world where everyone is typing code, I’ve discovered that my true passion is the user experience, and I’m far from finished learning.

Why I’m here.

I created this blog because I want to share my opinions with the world – opinions which come from my own perspective and personal capacity as an enthusiast, early adopter, keen follower, and power user of things that have buttons and screens. This is a big-small industry I find myself in, and I’d like to leave small-big footprints as I journey through it.

What I use:

Windows Office 365  Adobe CC Wunderlist Evernote  Day One