• hmm… apps matter. i’ve also discovered that people who ask the hardware questions are either geeks or people who demand a lot from their devices or both… i think deciding which device to get has become simpler and more difficult at the same time. assessing hardware, integration with other devices owned already, availability of apps etc all make it complex…

    PS: my condolences on getting the Lumia 820

    • Well, the Lumia isn’t mine, but I’m still leaning towards that direction after using it, have a read here: http://www.minimallyminimal.com/blog/nokia-lumia-920

      Anyways, you’re absolutely right that apps matter, but I think I’m inclined to comfortable cross-platform user experiences over functions. Its for this reason I still use Wunderlist over a plethora of alternatives.

      • point. my point; not everyone makes decisions “geekily” like you 🙂 considered the HTC1?

        • I have, but haven’t used one yet. Suddenly, that iPhone is looking more and more inviting lately