Arc Touch Mouse

I’ve always wanted this mouse. I even wanted the Arc Mouse it replaces too. Gladly, I’ve had it for a month, and although I’m late, I’m probably in love – I think.

Arc Touch Mouse

Firstly, this isn’t my only mouse. It replaces my Logitech M325 and shares attention with my Razer Naga Molten Special Edition – because I’m not always a gamer. Thus, our understanding relationship began when I needed a partner companion who would fulfill the role vacated by my M325 on a daily basis. Even more important, my 325’s successor had to present herself in a wireless configuration that’s ideal for my small bag, and my even smaller hands. Another M325 simply wouldn’t do, despite the fact that I’m notoriously a repeat customer and repeat purchaser *hides*.

Arc Touch Mouse


This mouse folds, actually, flattens into portable shape. It does so with enough simplicity to admire, but enough complexity to want to fold and flatten her, over and over again. There’s also a magnet to “glue” the USB receiver underneath the mouse when she’s flat. Suddenly I want to be an engineer.

A tiny inner motor creates a unique haptic scroll-wheel, but this won’t appeal to everyone. While some have complained that it can become noisy when used in a quiet environment, they largely fail to mention that this feedback can be adjusted, or even switched off entirely within the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software – another reason why out-of-the-box reviews are unreliable for consumer electronics.

DSC03962 (Copy)

The Good

This lightweight mouse is portable: 88 grams, 13cm x 5.8cm, and 1.5cm deep when folded. Like all mice nowadays, no special drivers are necessary to use it – and it can dance with a Mac too. The BlueTrack laser technology really does work on almost any surface, and the sensitivity isn’t a problem. It’s also worth noting that the rubberized palmrest is un-interfering, and no – this supposedly flimsy mouse will not flatten accidentally while you’re using it. And oh… before I forget, the warranty here is the usual Microsoft 3-years.

DSC04426 (Copy)

The Bad

As expected, battery-life isn’t great – you’ll be changing the dual-AAA batteries more frequently, and the plastic front of the mouse will need regular cleaning. Since the Arc Touch Mouse predates Windows 8, gestures don’t exist here. Despite the positives, I had to overcome my reservations about paying $55 for a 1000dpi, 2-button wireless mouse, especially considering the Sculpt Touch Mouse comes with Bluetooth technology and a lower price.

DSC04420 (Copy)

This is not a gaming mouse. The touch-scrolling is not designed to emulate a touch-screen, and this mouse is clearly not designed for precision tasks. Once these truths are understood, the Arc Touch Mouse gives an enjoyable experience that looks good, feels good, and compliments your mobility.