The iPod Classic is was great. It was fit-for purpose and did exactly what you wanted it to. It’s 6th-generation was awesome and offered 160GB of uninterrupted storage, a single headphone jack, and proprietary but outdated 30-pin connector. That’s it. May we ever remember the iPod Classic.

We are being locked in

I value freedom. Freedom to find what works best for me and stick to it. I even value the freedom to change my mind, go to the other side, only to run back to where I came from. It’s beautiful, its choice, its freedom. But they would undo this freedom – those who collect of   

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Post PC is a lie

I can think of three ways to tell a lie. Most common is to tell the untruth, outright. Another is to falsify the truth, knowingly. Then there’s the third way – innuendo. Post-PC? The “Post-PC Era” is a term coined by the late Steve Jobs to describe the decline of personal computer sales in favour   

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Don’t downgrade to Windows 7

Let’s be critical. While trying to remain brief, I want to talk about why a downgrade to Windows 7 is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. This is directed towards personal use, in other words – my view does not align with a corporate or enterprise context in mind. End of disclaimer.

Design: I love the unibody

Also known as “single-shell” construction, the unibody owes its roots to air-plane construction, has been standard in auto mobile manufacturing, was made mainstream by Apple, and is the concentrated design ethos of Nokia. Not only do unibodies make consumer products beautiful, but they also make them thinner, lighter, and more rigid.