Post PC is a lie

I can think of three ways to tell a lie.

Most common is to tell the untruth, outright. Another is to falsify the truth, knowingly. Then there’s the third way – innuendo.


The “Post-PC Era” is a term coined by the late Steve Jobs to describe the decline of personal computer sales in favour of capable smartphones and other computing devices such as the iPad. While this is without doubt the next norm in computing, Post-PC is also being used to call the death of the personal computer – more specifically: a box connected or attached to a screen, mouse, and keyboard to provide computing functions. In other words… your computer right now.

So the Post-PC premise is that more and more people are consuming content through their browser and apps, and there is a general retreat from doing traditional tasks such as word processing. Even more is the fact that sales for computers are in decline for both Mac and Windows. Understood, but…

Production and Development

Every advocate of post-PC I come across fails to mention how consumed content is primarily produced. This is especially true for premium content. Both the need and the means to produce meaningful content such applications, movies, games, and even social media, are still satisfied by keyboard and mouse devices.

In a world saturated by media and gaming, the tools that surface these possibilities are too complex for post-pc devices. Applications are programmed on PC platforms irrespective of their purpose and where they will be used. Consumer-focused content is produced, edited, and finalized on PC platforms.

With respect to video – the need for a PC is absolute. A quick example is the introduction of 4K resolutions and their new requirements for production which are not fully met by tablets and phones. Put simply: you may be able to record 4K video with your smartphone, but you won’t be editing, properly editing, any videos with that same device anytime soon.


In conclusion… Post-PC exists because PCs allow it. A push to mobile computing does not take away the fact that the limits of using tablets, phablets and phones will always exist, whereas the direct opposite is true for traditional computers. PC’s are breaking away from their traditions in multiple ways and with little left to the imagination. A Post-PC world is a world where you actually, probably, don’t need a desktop or notebook computer. But right now, I feel it’s premature to make that judgement – anything more is innuendo.